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A Legends in Our Own Minds® Publication

Winter 2007


In this Issue-


An Interview with the Chairman

Legends Want to Know: An Exclusive Interview with the Chairman of Legends In Our Own Minds®….

We've all heard or read the stories: the birdies (both on the golfcourse and out in the hunting fields), the holes in one, the tall tales around the barbecue and the swim-up bar, even the infamous mooning of the clubhouse. As with any legend, some tales are true, some are embellished. But we wanted to get the real scoop, the truth about the beginnings of Legends in Our Own Minds®. To learn the unadorned facts, we turned to the Man, the Chairman of Legends, the one who is the first Legend In His Own Mind: Dave Ginger.

Staff: Mr. Ginger, tell us briefly how "Legends" got started.

Mr. Ginger: Legends In Our Own Minds actually started about ten years ago with a group of us friends getting together for a weekend of golf in Austin, Texas. It was primarily my way of showing appreciation to those guys who helped me learn the game. As the weekend came to a close, we decided that it had been so much fun we would do it again the next year and everybody would bring a friend. Therefore, the second year, we had five foursomes to play, and it has remained that way ever since. It wasn't long before we realized the friendships we found through golf was just as strong in other sports. Pretty soon Legends In Our Own Minds® ventured into Hunting and Fishing.

Staff: In an earlier conversation, you called your Legends tournament more than just another golf outing. You called it an event. Can you explain that comment?

Mr. Ginger: We have three days of golf, some friendly bets, a Saturday night cookout with delicious steaks, our favorite beverages, big cigars and a whole lot of "story telling." However, the most important thing is that we are all very good friends and the camaraderie that we have developed through the past ten years is fantastic. It is truly an event that we all look forward to each year. The same has happened with our other events. Our annual Mexico dove hunt, for example, is a true experience. We go from hunting out in the wild brush to relaxing in the hot tub or playing pool in the big game room. There's usually a waiting list for that trip!

Staff: You and your partner trademarked the Legends In Our Own Minds. Can you tell us why?

Mr. Ginger: We always had some kind of token for the guys to take home each year as a memento for each tournament. Usually we bought shirts and caps and occasionally we had other items like bag tags and even golf bags. We formed the company originally to be able to buy our tournament mementos at discounted prices. As time passed, it became clear to us that we were on to something bigger than we first realized. The Legends In Our Own Minds name attracted so much attention that we decided to get our own trademark to prevent someone from using our ideas. It's that simple.

Staff: Are you worried that Legends will become too big, too "commercialized?"

Mr. Ginger: Never happen. Each tournament or trip is unique. While the mechanics may be similar, the people involved, the atmosphere, the setting, the spirit of each event is different. Even a national tournament doesn't just happen out of thin air. Smaller, fun, individual tournaments lead up to it. But, as in our fishing expeditions, it's a lot of fun to catch even the little fish!


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