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Mexico called, and a brave band of Legends Brothers responded. They heard the call of the White Wing Dove, the waves of the blue waters, the sizzle of the fajitas. They trekked into the brush, dove into the pool and bellied up to the table and bar. They were the Mexico 2003 Banditos. They dared to go to ...

Las Palomas De Loma Colorado

The Good, the Bad, the Intrepid ...
The Legends In Their Own Minds

Mexico 2003 White Wing Dove Hunters

Sunrise in Beautiful Mexico


Mexico 2000

Mexico 2001

Mexico 2002

Mexico 2003

Kansas 2004

Kansas October 2004

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Kansas 2011

hunting is Hard Work -- hard, hard work.

Keep the watch, the hat, the sunglasses dry. I'm cool.

Unwinding in an air conditioned bus.
Pass the jalepenos and beer.

I'm pretending to hunt, but I'm really building crop circles.

Late entries into the legs contest.
It's not the number of dove you shoot; it's the number of drinks you down.

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